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Concrete Garages Aberdeen

Aberdeen's Cheapest Supplier and Installer of Concrete Garages

Getting the ideal concrete garage in Aberdeen that will become the new home to your car isn't as difficult as you might think, you don't always have to spend an huge amount of money, you don't always need planning permission and you don't necessarily have to take care of everything by yourself. We know how tough it can be to completely put yourself in the hands of a company to build something important for you, but with our expertise and numerous past satisfied clients we can assure you that you won't be disappointed, and that we'll even exceed your expectations with the final result. We can guarantee that your new concrete garage will be the best in all of Aberdeen and even the rest of Scotland.



Apex Concrete Garages

Supply and Installation from £2127

The stable of our sectional building range. Our Apex Roof Garages have been the best selling building for all time! Built to be robust, durable and hardy, they offer excellent value whilst providing superb storage for your home.

  • Best Seller
  • Durable
  • Value for Money

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Attached Concrete Garages

Supply and Installation from £1819

Attached Garages are really something else! Whether you have a narrow driveway or a door on your gable wall, we can accommodate your attached garage to fit around your home beautifully. Great for utility storage directly next to your home.

  • Utility Space
  • Rear Access
  • Many Uses

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Sloping Concrete Garages

Supply and Installation from £1819

The Sloping Roof Garage is the most affordable way to obtain solid quality construction at a very competitive price. Built to the same exact standards as every other building in our range, but a simpler and more cost effective roof structure ensures great value for money!.

  • Economical
  • Well Built
  • Practical

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Double Garages

Supply and Installation from £3185

Whether you are looking to store two vehicles, or create parking space and storage for your home. Double Garages are very practical, desirable, and add much value to your property. Available in many formats and sizes, there is bound to be a double garage to fit your need exactly..

  • Mass Storage
  • Apex and Sloping
  • Many Options

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Elite Garages

Supply and Installation from £3185

The Elite boasts every conceivable extra worth having to ensure your concrete garage will look outstanding for years to come. Also includes our full All Weather Pack which means no exterior maintenance! Combine this with great savings off the RRP and you have the best in sectional building design.

  • Flagship Model
  • Stunning Looks
  • Huge Savings

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Battery Garages

Supply and Installation

Sectional Battery Garages are a cost effective solution for providing multiple storage units in many different situations. Can be manufactured with clear internal span, but usually supplied with solid dividing walls.

  • Any Number
  • Fast Installation
  • Vwey Secure

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To begin the works all you have to do is ring our number, from there we'll start taking care of every aspect of construction, so that all you have to do is just tell us what are your preferences for the garage and relax and stand back while our experienced Aberdeen garage builders will make your dream become reality. Together we'll plan the most ideal concrete garage for you, making sure that the size will make it fit perfectly wherever you choose to have it and the style is exactly of your taste. All of our garages are made with strong materials that will assure you the building will resist even bad weather conditions and keep it as good as the first days even in the many years to come. You will never have to worry about damages to fix and even if something bad happens to it, every garage comes with a 10 year structure guarantee, allowing you to not panic in front of any problems the building might encounter.

And now, thanks to the incredible prices, the possible promotions and deals, purchasing the perfect Prefab Concrete Garage in Aberdeen will cost you way less than it ever would have with any other company or if you would have worked on it by yourself. Especially thanks to the fact that we don't require planning permission.

The advantages of choosing us for the job don't end there, not only you get excellent value for your money, you can also be reassured that your garage will be completed even in just one day. Our builders have years of experience and do their work fast and professionally, knowing that having people around your house always hammering and hitting things all day long is not particularly enjoyable and also realising that you might need your new garage as soon as possible.

It can't get any better than this, don't miss out on getting the perfect concrete garage for you.

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