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Sloping Garages

Cheapest Supplier and Trusted Installer of Concrete Garages

Supply and Installation from £1819


Sloping roof garages are designed to the same high standards as the rest of our range of concrete sectional buildings. All materials are of the same high quality, and it is just the roof structure which is simpler and cheaper to manufacture (but still very strong), which makes the sloping roof garage incredible value for money. These buildings are also incredibly versatile, because the roof structure can be made to fall towards the front or rear of the building. In normal circumstances, the fall would be to the rear, but if the case arises where this is not practical, then it is certainly a possibility to ‘fall forwards’.

Our Standard Equipment for Sloping Roof Garages

  • Cardale canopy up & over door
  • Timber window
  • Cement fibre or galvanised steel roof sheets
  • Timber fascia’s with quality Capriol stain
  • Steel re-enforced machine vibrated panels
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Some of our clients make use of the different options available for the sloping roof garage which include real brick fronts, PVCu fascia’s, personnel doors and more but the standard features may be enough if you just need to erect a sectional building at the most competitive price possible. If you’re looking for a well built, economical solution for your sectional building installation, then a sloping roof garage could be the perfect answer for you.

Project Management & Site Survey

Clients are the blood of our business, so we will appoint you with your very own project-manager! Your personal project manager will look after every aspect of your sloping roof garage purchase, site survey & installation. This means that you will always have one point of contact when you have a question, whether it’s putting your concrete base down, planning, or anything else you’re not sure about, we will be with you every step of the way.


The Outdoor Building Group provide a number of sloping concrete garage solutions including those below:

  • Sloping garage finished in timber fascias - cheap but reliable
  • Cheapest but cost effective option standard timber sloping roof

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