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Ever felt like working at home would be much easier if you could design a space for yourself where you can stay away from distractions, immerse yourself in complete silence and therefore get the job done much quicker and in an even better way? You'll be happy to know that you won't have to search any further for a solution, there is no better way to achieve that than to get a garden office. You won't have to stay away from your house by going to a studio and at the same time you won't have to turn an already occupied room in your house into an office. But you shouldn't settle for any type of building, it's important that the one you get built will resist any bad weather condition like a terrible storm or flood, while also be of the right size and shape for the location you need to build it at and also will be inaccessible for thieves. To make sure that you'll get all of those important aspects plus a convenient price and excellent costumer service you should choose us, we work so that what you get ends up being the best of garden rooms  in all of Dumfries and even all of the United Kingdom.




Jacob Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £6495

The Jacob Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Best Seller
  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money

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Caden Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £5995

The Caden Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money
  • Many Uses

Details, prices & more!

Don't miss out on the chance of having what is the ideal space to work from home, contact us immediately and let's begin planning your perfect office. Together we'll decide what's the best option for you, and since we build everything from scratch you even get the chance of choosing from an incredible amount of alternatives when it comes to shape and size of the office, making it possible for you to get exactly what you've always wanted to have. We always remain available to give our expert advice and help you out if you're unsure on what to get or what would be better suited for the location and your needs. Once we've planned that we can begin the works by sending over to your place our professionals, they can guarantee you a job that will go smoothly and only last one day, as they have years of experience of getting this job done quickly, without any hassle. Achieving one of the best garden rooms in the country has never been easier.

The building you'll get will even be incredibly secure thanks to the double glazed windows and doors with uPVC and the multi-point locking. No thief will ever be able to access your office, so that you can sleep with the certainty of nothing getting touched by people you didn't allow to do so. What are you waiting for? Get the best of outdoor buildings in Dumfries today!

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