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When you're running a business from home you need a perfect quiet and comfortable place to manage everything without mixing your personal life with your work life. Doing that seems much easier than it is, you know that the simplest solution would be to occupy one of the rooms in your house but if you don't have enough space for it you end up working from your bedroom which doesn't encourage productivity, or even in a studio in your home would make it too easy to get distracted. At the same time the costs of hiring a place outside of where you live wouldn't only mean that you have to leave the premises of your house but also that you'd have to regularly pay for an extra location that would take all the advantages of working from home away from you. So what would be the perfect solution to this dilemma? It's simple, just use your garden. Obviously working while sitting down on the grass isn't the best option, that's why we suggest you get a garden office. 



Jacob Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £6495

The Jacob Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Best Seller
  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money

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Caden Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £5995

The Caden Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money
  • Many Uses

Details, prices & more!

They're versatile, can be used for any type of business you deal with, they come in any size you need them, thanks to the incredibly strong materials they're made of they also last for many years to come, without getting easily damaged, and you don't even have to spend an excessive sum of money to get your ideal office. Especially if you choose us, since we can guarantee you all those perks for an incredibly convenient price and no future extra costs.

We work so that we can provide you no less than the best of garden rooms in all of Dundee and even all of the United Kingdom, and even in the shortest amount of time possible and the lowest of prices, so that if you're on a limited budget and/or need it urgently, you can be reassured that it's going to get done fast and without you having to spend £500 and over.

Don't miss out on the chance to improve your working life by treating yourself to an amazing place where you can get all the work done in silence and with complete concentration, having the right location where to work is as important as doing the work itself. Give us a call today and let's immediately start planning your perfect garden office, so that before you even realise it you'll be sitting down inside of it and enjoying a good cup of tea while completing a project in the best of ways you ever did before. All our builders work fast and even in just one day you'll be able to experience the advantages of owning the best of garden buildings in all of Dundee.

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