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Working at home doesn't necessarily have to be exactly like working in a grey small office, the advantage of being where you live is that you can take advantage of that opportunity to cut a space for yourself and keep yourself busy while also feeling relaxed and enjoying some quiet that will maintain you concentrated on your work. The ideal solution for that is to get a garden office, but not just one of cheap quality that will last for no more than a couple of days, you only deserve the best of Garden Offices in all of Edinburgh. Getting that and start doing your job in complete peace, while being able to look at the beauty of nature and keeping all the stress outside, away from you, is pretty simple and just consists in you contacting us. We can provide you the ideal garden rooms that will look majestic on your propriety, last for many years to come, made so that they remain secure and no one can't break in and even available to purchase at a low price. And about the latter, you can also be reassured that you won't have to pay any extra costs at any time, while also saving up thanks to no obligation site survey necessary


Jacob Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £6495

The Jacob Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Best Seller
  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money

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Caden Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £5995

The Caden Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money
  • Many Uses

Details, prices & more!

Once you contact us we can begin planning you ideal garden office together, and since we work from scratch you get an incredibly wide choice of options for the type of shape and style you might want your office to have. Considering how much time you're going to spend inside your office, we intend to make it as pleasant and comfortable for you as possible, always ready to give our expert advice while also trying to fulfil your needs and wishes. Together we'll find the best solution for you, and then our professionals will make it become reality in your garden in just one day. Because not only constructing it by hand means that screwing it together will make it last for many years to come and also make it resistant to any possible bad weather, but it also means that all the work will start and finish in just one day, leaving you to start enjoying your new perfect office immediately. Every window and doors are completely double glazed, with uPVC instead of just timber frames, so that you won't require any painting that usually takes up more time. And the multi point locking system is going to guarantee you that no thief will get close to your possessions, allowing you to sleep well without any worries. Don't miss out on all of this, the place where you work hugely impacts the quality of the job you deliver, contact us today.

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