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When you get the advantage of working from home instead of having to go to a designated office why should you let yourself stay in a distracting room of your house when you could create a space made especially to let you concentrate on your job and have some peaceful time on your own? Treat yourself today to an amazing garden office, which would give you the opportunity to have your personal office without having to go search for it in an already occupied room in your home or ending up working in the same place as where you usually sleep. Don't mix work with pleasure, but let your office be a pleasant space where you can have everything organized and you can get busy without any tv, family or other taking all of your attention away from your project.




Jacob Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £6495

The Jacob Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Best Seller
  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money

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Caden Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £5995

The Caden Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money
  • Many Uses

Details, prices & more!

If you're worried that you can't do this because of the possibly expensive costs you fear of facing, worry no more. With us you can get the best of garden offices or garden rooms in all of Lanarkshire for an affordable price, both thanks to the fact that we build everything by hand and also due to all the many promotions and deals you can find to make every cost even lower.

Not only having your garden room made from scratch means saving up money, but also it allows you to get it in any shape and size you want it to be. If you give us a call today we'll immediately start planning together how to achieve this amazing garden office, we'll listen to all your needs and wishes, while also giving you our expert advice. Join the numerous satisfied clients who used us before, in less time you'd ever expect you'll get something that will even exceed all your expectations for your future office. Right after we've decided all the basics we'll get professionals with years of experience to come around your house and get the works started. All of the garden offices that we provide blend in perfectly with the surroundings and will feel exactly like any other comfortable and modern office, with the exception that you also get the advantage of being near your home and in the middle of nature. We can guarantee you huge windows and doors made of glass that is fully double glazed to give you the certainty that no one will be able to break in and no object can manage to scratch it, especially since we use uPVC rather than timber frames, so that no painting will be necessary. And it'll be even more safe thanks to the multi-point locking available.

Don't miss out on this chance to get the best of outdoor buildings in Lanarkshire.

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