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Garden Offices and Garden Rooms Stirling

"Stirling's Cheapest Supplier and Installer of Garden Rooms & Garden Offices"

Ever dreamed of getting the best of garden offices in all of Stirling and even all of the United Kingdom while paying an affordable price and receiving an excellent costumer service? Today that's possible, all you have to do is choose us for the job.

We work so that what you'll get as final product is going to last for many years to come, will resist to any bad weather condition, won't let anyone you don't want to access it inside, will look good in your garden, fit perfectly in the space you've designated for it and it will cost you an incredibly convenient price. To get started you simply have to contact us, from there we'll accompany you through every aspect of it, making sure that all your wishes will be satisfied. Together we'll figure out what's the best option for you, and knowing that we work from scratch you can be reassured that any shape and size can be achieved, you just have to say the word. We'll also give you advice so that if you're unsure on what you want or aren't exactly certain that what you've decided to have will fit in well with your house and garden, we'll help you find the ideal solution for all of that.

Jacob Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £6495

The Jacob Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Best Seller
  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money

Details, prices & more!

Caden Garden Room

Supply and Installation from £5995

The Caden Garden Room is a beautifully, modern and competitively priced garden room. It is supplied and installed by the Outdoor Building Group.

  • Modern Design
  • Value for Money
  • Many Uses

Details, prices & more!

Right after we've made up our minds on those important aspects of the office, we'll send around to your home our professionals so that they'll get the construction started and finish it in just one day, leaving you free to immediately start using your new excellent garden room. Achieving your perfect work space has never been easier and quicker.

What you'll get with us is a building with double glazed windows and doors for keeping it intact for many years to come and a multi-point locking to ensure you that you get only excellent security. Whatever your dream office entails it can become reality thanks to our experienced builders and the freedom that making the office from scratch leaves you.

The costs vary depending on the type of office you decide to go for but usually they end up being on average at just a little over £100 per sq.ft. as of standard price, fully insulated and complete ready to use, otherwise it could rise to up to £225 per sq.ft. for a top specialist sound proofed music studio, consisting of two buildings placed one inside each other for a complete level of soundproofing for guitarists and such. What you can be sure of, though, is that those are the only prices you'll pay and you won't get any extra costs during the process of building it.

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