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Add value to your property rather than rent office space which will see no return over the years

A large proportion of the UK’s working population works in an office. A busy office is full of distractions and is not the ideal working environment for most people. Also, telecommuting or working from home, is becoming increasingly popular as an option to daily commuting. The main advantage for you as an individual is you can create the working environment to suit you. Just under 14% of the UK working population works from home, a figure projected to increase in the coming years.


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Working From Home Challenge

As attractive as working from home may initially seem, there are a number of challenges it brings up. The biggest hurdle is that not everyone can afford to sacrifice a dedicated “office” space. This means you end up trying to fit your home around your worklife. This usually doesn’t work as small children and pets will not necessarily respect your working time.

Are Outdoor Buildings The solution?

A recent BBC Radio 4 Show featured the latest research in the working from home phenomenon. Creating the perfect office contributes to the effectiveness of working from home. The conclusion from the show was that creating a segregated office environment creates a psychological separation between work and home life. An interviewee described their ideal garden office setting which provided a customisable working environment. Its a place where they could focus on work while only just yards from their home, no more commuting to worry about.

Advantages of Insulated Outdoor Rooms As Offices

As most people who have tried working around the kitchen table or in the broom closet in their home, the space is not conducive to delivering their best work. Only a specially designed, dedicated space will due, enter garden rooms, garden huts or garden offices. Whichever name you choose, they all refer to the same thing, a highly adaptable space which is created in your garden to serve a desired purpose. The advantages of having such a space include:

  • They are adaptable and optimised to help you produce your best work
  • Create the separation between your family and work life
  • Highly personalised so you can heat or cool it to your exact specification, try that in an open plan office!
  • Available all year round and depending on size can be used for a variety of purposes

Getting the most of your working time means that when you finally close the office door behind you and walk up the path to your family, you can put the day’s work behind. Also not having to commute into work everyday gives you back extra time to spend with your family, get more done and to enjoy your life. Our garden offices will offer you all this and more.

To request a brochure or to inquire more about our range of products, please call us on the telephone number closet to you. Alternatively you can send us an email to to arrange a FREE site survey or visit our show site. Your idea is our challenge and together we can make it happen.

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